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Our partners each have different options available and credit approval criteria. Below you will find a general listing of the types of options available which may or may not be offered by our partner business. Each option has varying requirements and not all people will qualify for every option. 

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Popular Financing Options

O% Interest Options


Starting at 6 months with No Interest these plans have a minimum purchase amount the customer must meet to qualify. These are interest rebate plans in which the interest is accrued during the term of the loan and rebated back as principal when the balance financed is paid in the 0% interest period.  Making the minimum payment will not pay off the loan in the interest-free period.

9.99%-21% APR Installment Contracts


Fixed-rate, term and payment contracts.  The terms range from 12-36 months with an interest rate lower than many credit cards. 

Some of our partners offer longer terms. 

30 Day & 30/60/90 Day Interest Free Plans


Pay your bill in 1 month or evenly over 

3 months with no interest charged. If the customer does not pay in the allotted time the balance transfers to a 36-month contract at 21% APR.

No Credit Check - Guaranteed 30/60/90 Plan


 Pay your bill in evenly over 3 months with no interest charged

  • $500 maximum purchase amount.
  • The customer must make the first 1/3 payment to Cedar River Finance at the time of the agreement.
  • If the customer does not pay as billed in the allotted time the balance transfers to a 36-month contract at 21% APR.

Financing Options Offer by Select Partners

Apollo Plus

O% Interest for the first 12 months.  

  • All monies paid in the first 12 months are applied to principal. 
  • The remaining balance will be converted to a 72-month installment contract at 12% APR, after the first 12 months.  
  • Minimum payment amount required. 
  • Minimum purchase amount required. 

Enhanced Add-On Plan

This plan has a 4-month interest-free open period and a $34.99 activation fee. 

  • During the "Open Period," you may have the partner business submit invoices for payment which will be charged to your account.
  • After the Open period, this plan converts the balance to a 72-month installment contract at 21% APR and offers an additional 8-months interest-free to pay the remaining balance.  
  • Interest will accrue then be rebated back to the loan balance like the O% interest plans.  
  • Making only the minimum payment will not pay the account in the interest-free period.

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Direct Credit Plan


Perfect when our partners don't have the goods or services you need

Our direct credit plans are an economical option when you are working with a business that is not our partner yet or if you fall short of the credit requirements for the plans our partners are offering.

Direct Credit

 In order to use the account, you or the merchant/service provider must submit a sales receipt or invoice. We will pay the business directly and add the charges to your account. The balance on the account will be applied to a 72-month installment contract with an interest rate of 9.99-21%. There is an activation fee of $79.99-$129.99. The interest rate and activation fee will vary by credit criteria. You will be informed of your credit limit, activation fee, and interest rate at the time of credit approval.  

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation help, managing bills, balancing personal budget

Take Control of Your Debt

Our Debt Consolidation Options can help you -

  • Pay lower interest 
  • Keep up with your bills & avoid late charges by grouping up to 10 bills into 1 monthly payment 
  • Improve your credit score

Things to Know About Our Debt Consolidation

  • Minimum household income of $25,000 required. You will need to supply the previous year's W2 and 4 recent pay stubs.
  • Up to 10 accounts verified with Experian credit report can be consolidated.
  • We will NOT offer consolidation for education loans or secured loans.
  • Origination fees, APR, terms, and amount of loan varies based on debt to income ratio, credit score and credit history.
  • The origination fee varies from 4%-13.99% based on creditworthiness and length of the term.
  • APR ranges from 6.5%-17.99% based on the length of the term and creditworthiness.
  • Consolidation loans over $20,000 may require additional underwriting review time.
  • The lowest rates afforded to the most creditworthy applications.
  • Longer-term loans have higher origination fees and APR rates.

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